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High Power Bills? - Problem Solving Page

A few hints that you do not usually find elsewhere: This is intended to be used in addition to the advice given on the Energy Efficiency Advice Page and the EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) site http://www.eeca.govt.nz

Water Heater:


Air conditioning:

Security System:

Fridges and Freezers:


Standby Loading:

Note 1: It is ideal not to do this when the fridge/freezer is running, if you do this when the fridge is running, turn it off at the wall until the testing is finished (if the fridge is turned off then on very shortly afterwards, the compressor can stall, this is not good for the fridge and can cause a failure if the safety cut-out fails. The fridge should not increase in temperature for short periods especially if the door is not opened during that period. REMEMBER to turn back on fridges and freezers after testing is complete!)

Note 2: Fuses can be a shock hazard if the fuse wire is too long etc. Fuses are best removed and replaced with the power off for safety. Also it is important that the fuses are put back into the same holder as it was removed from, as the current rating is different depending on the circuit type, cable sizing etc.

Still No Joy?:

Meter Readings:

*Note: Subject to change, see your power bill to get the correct amount!

**Note: The supply charge which is approximately $1 per day for domestic users (again see your power bill to get the correct amount!).